An early stage venture capital firm investing in startups that build on open-source technology.

Quansight Initiate is an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in startups that rely significantly on open-source technology and have a particular interest in technologies around education, IOT, data-management, data-science, machine-learning and AI across any market segment.  Our more than 30 years of combined open-source technology and commercialization experience will help us not only identify the best investment targets, but also help entrepreneurs successfully organize and execute on the demand for innovative solutions to industry problems that leverage the power of open-source communities. 


Our geographic focus is primarily on startups in Texas and Utah where we have deep connections, although we will also make a few investments in companies in other geographic markets that are significantly aligned with our mission to connect companies to broad open-source communities.


Meet Our Team

Bradden Blair

Managing Partner

Bradden Blair brings to Quansight Initiate a successful track record of incubating and leading organizations using OSS. Technology innovation has been a key ingredient of Bradden’s success over the past 15+ years.  His ability to identify new markets and help organizations grow by leveraging open source technology has directly contributed to the acquisition, merger and/or sale of several companies. Most recently, Bradden was a Professor of Operations and Information Systems and Director of the MS in Information Systems (MSIS) and MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs at the University of Utah.  While at the University of Utah, he simultaneously built and sold two companies engaged in e-commerce rollups. Prior to joining the University of Utah, Bradden orchestrated the successful expansion of a 20-year-old education business from live seminars to online using open source technology. These efforts contributed to the acquisition of the company in 2010. He also previously worked for several private equity and venture backed companies in the healthcare and financial services sectors.  Bradden holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Healthcare Administration, a graduate certificate in biomedical informatics, and a Ph.D. in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah.

Travis Oliphant

General Partner

Travis Oliphant has over 20 years’ experience in OSS scientific computing as the creator of NumPy, SciPy, Conda, and Numba, and as the Founder of Anaconda (Continuum Analytics), NumFOCUS, and PyData.  He helped Python become the de facto language for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science by creating SciPy in 2001 and writing NumPy in 2006.  Since 2007, Travis has consulted with Fortune 50 companies to build products and services that use open source effectively at scale for data science and analytics. Travis founded Anaconda in 2012 raising $24million from General Catalyst in 2015 to enable organizations to effectively perform machine learning at speed and scale. For many organizations, Anaconda has become the operating system of choice for data science and enables rapid development of automated intelligence. Anaconda already has incredible brand awareness with over 16 million users of its free distribution and downloads of more than a billion packages a year. Travis holds an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Mayo Clinic. From 2001 to 2007 he was a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at BYU and taught electromagnetism, probability theory, and signal and image processing while directing a biomedical imaging lab.

Matt Harward

Partner and CRO

Troy Bailey


Anthony Scopatz

Community Connections

Doug Pennock

Recruiting and

LP Relations


Cameron Greenburg
Ralf Gommers

Community Connections

Gina Wilson

Paralegal and

LP Relations

Ashley Baal

Program Management

Trent Oliphant

Data Science/Data Engineering


We take an active role in helping our portfolio companies create the future with open source. We search for entrepreneurs who are passionate, humble, and smart enough to recognize that cooperating with open-source communities are key to more sustainable innovation.

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